Our Vision

To care for our patient in a safe and modern centre, and to be the leading centre in the UAE for our progressive technology.

Our Mission

To provide our community with dental wellness that enhances their life through our high quality, oral health care procedures. Ultimately, we aim to establish long-term relationship with our patients and guarantee honest, ethical, attentive and personalized care.




By setting and surpassing higher standards, we will continue to build a smarter, faster, more efficient organization that delivers excellent, appropriate care in the right place at the right time.


Our culture of caring will be unmistakable in every personal interaction as we treat individuals, families and colleagues with empathy, honesty and openness.


We will treat each individual with caring consideration and value the diverse perspectives each one of them can bring.


By working together across disciplines and locations to share knowledge and skills, and through constant communication with those we serve and their families, we will create a unified, integrated approach to care.


We will anticipate the challenges the future may bring and develop new and innovative ways to inspire healthier communities.

Responsibility To Our Patients 

  • Life, Health and Well-Being: The primary concern is the life, general health and well-being of the patient. It is the responsibility of the Dentist and Nurse to provide patients with the highest quality of care in a timely manner, acknowledging the constraints presented by the patient and the resources of all staff.

  • Appropriate and Pain-free Oral Function: It is the responsibility of the Dentist to plan treatments that deal with the specific nature of dental health for each individual patient with regards to variables such as the patient’s age, general health, underlying anatomy, and compliance with oral hygiene. This responsibility is dependent on the patient’s cooperation, interest and commitment to the receipt of treatment.

  •  Patient Autonomy: The patient has the right to choose, on the basis of adequate information, from alternative treatment plans that meet professional standards of care. The treatment plan may or may not be the preference of the Dentist or any other medical staff. The Dentist’s role is to provide information in an effort to help the patient choose a treatment plan.

  • Dignity: Dentists and Nurses value and advocate the dignity and self-respect of patients. All medical staff relate to all patients receiving care, as person’s worthy of respect and endeavour in all their actions to preserve and demonstrate respect for each individual.

  • Fairness: A dentist shall not exclude, as patients, members of society on the basis of discrimination with respect to factors such as race, ethnicity, culture, spiritual beliefs, social or marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, health status, lifestyle or the physical attributes of the patient.

  • Accountability: All medical staff conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. Dentist and Nurses practice within their own level of competence. They seek additional information or knowledge; seek the help, and/or supervision of an instructor when aspects of the care required are beyond their level of competence.