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The Ultimate, Relaxing
Dental Experience
Improved Quality of Life
Through Quality Care
We Make You Smile
Smile Makes You Look Beautiful
Improved Quality of Life
through quality care
Dental Care for Life
Dental Experience
Better Teeth, Better Smiles
Better Health
The Ultimate, Relaxing
Dental Experience

Patient Testimonials

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‘My teeth really needed attention. The doctors really helped me step by step through my treatment. The service is on such a high standard that I don’t know how or what they must do to improve it. Thank you VERY much for everything that the doctors have done for me.’



‘Dr Firas became my dentist 6 months after I moved to Abu Dhabi in 2004. Today he is still my dentist because of the skill, care and judgment he exhibits when treating me. He took the time to talk to me back then and today he is not only my dentist – he is my friend.’



‘I am so delighted with the result of your efforts that I felt I would like to write and thank you. I am so pleased to have such a dramatic improvement in the appearance of my teeth.

It has been a pleasure to come to your center and your staff have been very friendly and helpful.’



‘Can not see how things can be improved, just fantastic, no complaints at all.’



‘Hate going to the Dentist- Dr Firas Dental center changed that. I actually call to book my 6 month check up.’